Sep 27

Robert’s Strange F# Blog

Can writes:

“Foundations of F#” is a great introductory book for F# with some advanced samples. For those who are unfamiliar with functional programming, this book gives the notions of functional programming in all aspects while giving samples in the greatest platform with great language F#.
This book includes functional, imperative and object oriented programming paradigms giving great samples. Robert Pickering also focuses to the imperative programmers by giving the usage differences in F#. He introduces a wide range F# data structures from simple arrays to quotations with great explanations.
This book gives a lot of information on .NET Framework including the latest additions .NET Framework 3.0 and 3.5. Samples with LINQ and Windows Presentation Foundation fulfil this area. If you are unfamiliar with .NET Framework, don’t worry this book gives what you need to know about .NET Framework in many different areas including network programming, web programming, database programming, and windows programming with clear and explanatory samples using relevant screenshots. The samples are unique and useful, it’s not the examples that you can find on the web, and it’s more specialised and focused on techniques specific to F#
Personally I most liked Language Oriented Programming chapter which gives very specific features and usage tricks to F# to make the most of the language. It’s a must have book in your bookshelf if you are interested in functional programming on .NET Framework

I like to say a big thank you to Can for taking the time to do this. Thanks Can!

Sep 27

Introduction to .NET Threading

The .NET platform provides parallel execution of code through multithreading. A thread is an independent execution path, able to run simultaneously with other threads. This article describes the fundamentals of .NET threading and how this functionality can be leveraged elegantly by F# programs…

Sep 27

Introduction to DirectX

The .NET platform contains library interfaces to almost all of the functionality bundled with the Windows platform. Hardware-accelerated graphics are no exception and Managed DirectX (MDX) for .NET provides a high-level and type-safe interface to the DirectX API…