Jun 26

Rob Burke on F#

Rob Burke has just written a blog entry on F#:

Jun 26

F# Books, and F#/XAML

I’m glad to report that Robert Pickering’s book Foundations of F# will be out soon. I’ll be writing more on this soon - it was a pleasure to work with Robert and Jim Huddleston as technical editor on this book, and I’m sure you will find it a great entry-level introduction to F# programming.

Speaking of which, I’m deep in writing mode at the moment, concentrating on finishing the draft chapters for Expert F#. This week it’s Chapter 8 - “Common Techniques”. Last week was Chapter 14 - Concurrent, Reactive and Asynchronous Programming, alluded to on The Hub. Writing this chapter has led us to make some really nice additions to the language, which will be in the next major release.

Jon Harrop has just posted an interesting blog post on writing XAML-like descriptions directly in F#. Robert Pickering also has a post on using WPF and XAML from F#. Robert Pickering has also been working on Silverlight programming with F#, though he’s not posted anything yet. I’ll also be posting more on our plans for leveraging the facilities offered by the DLR initiative, especially the integrated script hosting in Visual Studio and elsewhere.

Jun 26

F# available (currently MSI only): Includes overloaded numeric conversion functions and checked arithmetic

Hi all,

I’m glad to announce the availability of F# It’s available for download from this link:


This is in general a bug fix release over, with some exceptions

  • We’ve added