Sep 27

NCover 2.0 to promote software quality for .NET

September 21, - Gnoso, a Greenville, SC based software products company, announced the availability of NCover 2.0, a newly enhanced version of the NCover code coverage analysis tool for developers on Microsoft’s .NET runtime. NCover provides a measurement of code quality to developers by directly correlating software tests to the code that is exercised by those tests. NCover has grown in popularity over the past four years as the most popular and trusted code coverage profiler for the Microsoft .NET runtime.

Enhancements to the NCover tool include:

  • NCoverExplorer, the popular coverage viewer, now included with NCover
  • Support for 64-bit (x64) Windows operating systems
  • Support for branch coverage reporting
  • New HTML coverage reporting system
  • Flexible type, method and source file exclusion based on regular expression patterns
  • Support for profiling IIS (ASP.NET) applications
  • Support for profiling Windows service applications

NCover works with any programming language that runs on the Microsoft .NET runtime, including C#, Visual Basic .NET, J#, Managed C++, MSIL and many others. Because it profiles software without modifying it, NCover can be used on the same code that is put into production.

Before today, NCover has been available as an unsupported community tool. This release marks the the transition of NCover to a professionally supported commercial product. “We are excited to make NCover an enterprise-quality software tool,” says Peter Waldschmidt, CEO of Gnoso. “NCover provides key metrics that help a development team consistently produce software of the highest quality.” Find out more about NCover at

Gnoso, Inc. is a software product design company based in Greenville, SC with the vision of turning good ideas into great software. NCover is a product of Gnoso’s developer tools group. You can find out more about the company at

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